What are the differences in tire tread design and what do they mean?

The combination of tread and tread pattern plays a very important role in choosing a tire suitable for your vehicle. Before describing the types of tread design, let us understand the difference between a tread and tread pattern. Tread is that part of a tire which comes in contact with the road and is made of rubber. Whereas tread pattern is a design cut into the rubber to maintain traction between the tire and the terrain. Let us look at the different types of tire tread design and what you should consider while shopping for tires.

Symmetrical Tread Pattern

This is the type of tire tread pattern design found in most economic cars. As the name suggests, the tires have a continuous similar pattern of treads across either side of the tire. These tires are meant to be long-lasting without too many hassles. You don’t have to worry about fitting this type of tire in a specific direction as it is non-directional and can be fitted in different ways. Overall these tires are meant to do its job on regular roads and can be very reliable when it comes to performance.

Asymmetrical Tread Pattern

This style of tread design is a combination of tread patterns which is cut in combination to deal with a wide variety of road conditions. They are mostly found in high-performance sports cars. They are perfect for driving in wet conditions as well as dry conditions. The strategic combination of treads allows for superior grip on roads and enables you to make turns at high speeds. The inside part of the tire is designed for winter conditions whereas the outer part is designed to handle summer conditions. The tires are marked inside and outside to aid the mechanic while fitting these tires.

Directional Tread Pattern

The treads are cut into a V-shaped pattern that runs in a single direction along the entire tire. The tires are marked with arrows to denote the direction in which it should roll. These tires are mostly used in super high-performance vehicles. The tires are very efficient in deflecting water and ensuring that the vehicle is gripping the road at all times. So if you consistently drive at high speeds on the highway then this tire tread design will suit you well.

Asymmetrical/Directional Pattern

This tread design pattern has the benefits of both directional and asymmetrical design. It features superior hydroplaning resistance and also handles dry conditions very well. They are very similar to directional tires in terms of fitting and usage.

All-Terrain Design

These tires are designed for light duty trucks. They can be driven both on-road and off-road and feature deep tread blocks and wide grooves. They are perfect for off road driving as the larger tread elements are designed to give better handling and a smooth ride.

Mud Traction Design

These tires are similar to an all terrain design with a little more emphasis on providing superior traction in rocky and mud terrain. Some of the treads of this pattern are cut to run along the direction of the rotation.

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*Always check your owner’s manual for your vehicle model’s specific instructions before attempting any type of vehicle repair.

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