Installing a New Tennis Court: Why Excavation in Guilford CT Matters

The time has come to replace the older tennis court at the local community center. The job will involve ripping out everything that’s in place and starting from scratch. In order to manage the project properly, it will take an expert who knows how to manage an excavation in Guildford, CT responsibly. Here’s why the excavation has to be of the highest quality.

Everything Must Go

There’s more to transforming the space than removing the pavement. The excavation in Guilford, CT must also address the base materials used to support that pavement. Depending on how long the present court has been around those materials may not be worth salvaging. Choosing to remove them as part of the process and bring in six or eight inches of fresh base material will provide more support for the new pavement.

Checking the Bedrock

Bedrock is another name for the hard surface that is found under the base material. Once all the materials are removed and the bedrock is revealed, the excavation specialist will want to check it carefully. Are there any signs of materials that could cause the new court to crack over the next several years? If so, now is the time to do something about the problem.

Once any problem materials are removed, the excavator can bring in heavy equipment to pack the earth properly. That creates the ideal setting for the base materials and ensures that they can also be packed to conform with local standards. Once this foundation is prepared, it will be much easier to move forward with pouring and forming the pavement.

A project of this magnitude requires a lot of attention to detail. Even someone who is used to patching older sections of pavement may not have the expertise to handle all the tasks associated with this type of job. The best bet is to contact the team at Atwater Paving and arrange for a contractor to inspect the site. It won’t take long to run some tests and determine what it will take to get rid of the old materials, prepare the ground properly, and ensure the new materials are in full compliance with local codes and standards.

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