Items to Discuss with the Well Drilling Contractors in Troy, OH

Establishing a well on the property presents definite challenges. While the access to water can pay off in the end, these are a few items to discuss with the contractors before digging begins. Because the source of water determines the location, there can be some obstacles that slow down the process.

One of the items to discuss with the Well Drilling Contractors in Troy OH is the condition of the soil. Sometimes, rocks and a hard layer may impede the process of the drilling. While these obstacles can usually be overcome with some manpower and a plan, there are some conditions that can make drilling impossible. A test hole may have to be dug to determine the conditions prior to drilling. If there are known obstacles, this should be brought up as part of the discussion.

Another item to discuss is the safety issues regarding the hole. Once the process has started, the work site becomes a dangerous place. The entrance has to be sealed at the end of the work day to keep animals and children out of the hole. Even if the drilling can be completed in a few hours, it is important to discuss options on safeguarding the area. At the very least, a cover and a fence are needed to keep everybody out until all of the other work has been completed.

The depth of the hole is also something to discuss with Well Drilling Contractors in Troy OH. While the water may have been detected by technological means, the well can only go so far down before drilling stops. There maybe a benchmark level the drilling machine can reach. If no water is found at the level specified, a different area may have to be considered. Take a few minutes to discuss this depth and what happens if no water is found at the particular depth.

Wells have been utilized for a long time as a readily available source of water. While getting a well dug can happen in a relatively short time, there are some items to discuss ahead of time. Contact Wiley Well Drilling for more information on getting a well established on your property.

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