Easy PC Protection

Personal regard for computer security is one very important consideration when taking your device in your workplace. Many have experienced the trouble of stolen work information and unauthorized access of their computers. The Gatekeeper 2.0 is an efficient device especially created for security for laptops. The device takes responsibility for locking your laptop at your own command.

Compatibility Check

The Gatekeeper 2.0 is compatible with the latest computer devices such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac OS X (BETA). All devices can be installed with the GateKeeper software with a very easy setup. Security for laptops is genuinely listed on the device’s agenda to primarily protect the computer as a first line of defense from unauthorized use. It’s also a step closer to miniature device development since it functions in a two-way system which only includes a USB lock for your laptop and key fob that performs as a remote control lock through Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

For Your Personal Use Only

The device can be bought for personal computer use or as a workstation set for an office or company. Your computer can be provided with a 2-factor authentication which includes a 2FA by GateKeeper and a PIN upon installing the software. You can carry the key fob anywhere, attached to your ID or bag since it ranges up until 30 feet.

Blocking malicious acts to override your computer system is a very important step from anyone stealing your confidential information or company projects laid out in your laptop. Be vigilant as anyone has an eye for them.

Untethered Labs has the vision to bring safety and security for laptops with their newest GateKeeper 2.0. You can find more testimonies and a whole lot of its features in Gkchain.com.

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