The Maintenance Issues Avoided With Drainage Systems in Wakefield, MA

Water damage is one of the most expensive and potentially hazardous maintenance problems for homeowners. The need for improved drainage systems in Wakefield MA is usually clear by the amount of water collecting around exterior foundations and draining into the basement. Failure to repair the problem could lead to a variety of problems.

Mold in Basement

Wet basements affect the entire house and its inhabitants. Mold spores and a mildewy smell can travel throughout the home and cause unpleasant living conditions. Residents of the home exposed to mold can develop respiratory conditions and skin rashes and suffer from headaches. The basement may not be safe to use as storage any longer, and the damp, musty basement becomes a desirable home for pests like spiders and centipedes.

Foundation Cracks Develop

Drainage systems in Wakefield MA prevent water from running through the small cracks that occur naturally as the concrete settles. Over time the movement of the water erodes the foundation and can cause serious structural problems. In addition to the damage, the larger cracks make it easier for water to seep into the basement and increase the flood risk. Basements may become unusable due to the amount of water, and sump pumps cannot always keep up with the flow of water entering the home during heavy rainstorms or as the snow melts in the spring.

Damage to Landscape

Poor drainage around the house destroys the landscaping. Flower gardens become oversaturated, mulch and soil wash away, and the yard becomes muddy. Standing water in the yard may remain long after the rest of the neighborhood is dry. Grass, flowers and shrubbery do not thrive due to the excess moisture and the home loses its curb appeal. Replacement of the soil or the addition of crushed rock around the perimeter of the home may not offer any improvement.

Good drainage is a necessity for homeowners that want to keep their homes and yards safe and dry. Wet basements often begin due to outside drainage issues, but a complete repair relies on effective drainage solutions inside the home as well. Check out to learn more about the options available to correct a variety of moisture issues.

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