Making Decisions About Assisted Living

After a recent accident in the home, it is apparent that living alone is no longer an option.  Now is the time to begin thinking about options for Assisted Living.  When evaluating the facilities in the area, it pays to keep a few basics in mind.  Doing so will increase the odds of making the right decision.

Apartment Sizes

Taking a good look at the square footage included in the apartments at the Assisted Living facility matters.  While there is no way to avoid having to let go of some possessions, it does help if the new resident can bring along the most cherished belongings.  Even if the plan is to move into a room at a facility, see if there are spaces available that will accommodate setting up one area for the bed and a second area for sitting and having guests.  This will make it much easier to still have a sense of private space and not feel reduced to living in a small box-like room.

Level of Care and Support Offered

Find out what sort of support is on hand at the facility.  For example, is there a nurse on hand that can help remind the resident to take medication and check to make sure everything is okay?  Does the person running the kitchen have the expertise needed to allow for special dietary needs?  What sorts of procedures are in place if a resident is in distress during the middle of the night?  Looking into the type of care offered will go a long way in determining if the facility is a good choice.

The Common Areas

Many facilities have common areas that allow residents to socialize and enjoy time with one another.  Take a look at the dining hall, the communal living room, and even any spaces set aside for exercise equipment. Are the areas furnished tastefully and are they kept clean?  If so, the facility is worth considering.

Whether the search is for personal living space or for a loved one, visit the Orchard Crest Retirement Community and have a look around. After seeing what the facility has to offer,  chances are that making a decision will not be difficult. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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