Learning About Gutters In Olympia, WA

Imagine the damage 1900 gallons of water could do to the average roof. Interestingly, that’s the amount of water included in an inch of rain. That’s why Gutters in Olympia Wa are important. They divert water away from the roof and the foundation. Here’s some informative and helpful facts to learn about gutters.


The first gutters were made of wood and were used to collect water. Further, the wood was lined with zinc so the gutters would not rot. Collected water was used for a variety of things including bathing and irrigation. Steel gutters were popular during the early 20th century because they were durable. Aluminum became the material of choice after World War II. Today, seamless aluminum gutters are the most popular type.

Caring For Gutters

Gutters need to be clean to function properly. Be on the lookout for signs that gutters are damaged. Indeed, clogged gutters are a major cause of basement flooding. Likewise, overflowing gutters cause mold and mildew to grow on siding and other surfaces. Additionally, check for damage around windows and doors. It’s not unusual for clogged gutters to overflow so often that the seams burst. When this happens, the homeowner may need a new gutter system.

Buying A New Gutter System

Many companies make it easy to to purchase Gutters in Olympia Wa. Reputable companies send a representative to measure the house. Gutters are sold by the linear foot so measurements are important. Further, the system includes much more than gutters. Gutters catch water off the roof and an end cap closes the gutter. The fascia bracket attaches gutters to the eaves. In addition, downspouts help water move to the ground. In many instances, elbows are needed to divert water from downspouts.

Vinyl and aluminum gutters usually run between $5-$8 per linear foot. More expensive gutters, like copper and zinc, cost between $9-$18 per linear foot. Also, most companies charge for installation on top of the gutters. Installing gutters is really not a do-it-yourself job. You have to work on a ladder and install gutters securely. New gutters will last for years if taken care of. Moreover, many companies offer a warranty.

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