5 Tips for Selecting Your SIP Company

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Telecommunications

Industry experts analyzing what most consumer seek when looking for a SIP company or provider determined that security ranks as one of the key factors when selecting their provider. Is that all that they worry about? No, and if you are eager to discover some effective tops for selecting the best SIP company for your needs, we are going to provide five important factors to consider.

Anti-Fraud Security

Any SIP company is only as good as its ability to help customers keep all of their costs under control and yet one of the biggest vulnerabilities for SIP customers is “toll fraud”. This is, essentially, when a company’s phone system is hacked or compromised in a way that enables the hacker (and their many cohorts) to tap into the system and make enormous numbers of international calls. It is, quite literally, an issue that currently costs many businesses and individuals billions in total on an annual basis.

So, don’t just take assurances about security in general, find out if the company has toll fraud protection and other forms of security that limits risk and expense.

A Free Trial

While it may seem overly obvious, not a lot of companies look first to the SIP providers offering a trial period. It does not matter the scale of a business’ use of the services, if you are unable to give it a reasonable test run without financial pressures, you will want to look elsewhere. If this is not offered, ask for it, and if you are denied a free trial, move on to your next option and trust only those who let you to a test run before committing.


A modern SIP company should be able to add or remove lines as needed in order to keep up with your company’s current financial climate and growth. If they cannot assure you that lines can appear or be removed in just one or two business days, you will want to keep looking for a provider.

Tier 1 Networks

This is an issue or factor that lets you know how dependable the SIP services are going to be. If it is a Tier 1 network connection, it means strong signals and no missed calls or messages. If there are indirect network connections, the reliability of the services is not guaranteed.

Pricing Transparency

One of the most important factors to consider as you begin the hunt for your SIP provider is to be sure that there are not subtle tricks used in the pricing that results in some sticker shock when you get your first invoice.

These are not the only factors, but you’ll want to ensure that any SIP provider meets or exceeds the five above. At SIP.US you will find a firm that meets the criteria above, and more.

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