Key Features of Effective Attorney Billing Software

One of the essential features which any attorney billing software must possess is the ability to provide maximum information on activity with minimal input from busy lawyers. Most attorneys face a punishing work schedule which requires every bit of their attention, so the last thing they want to do is also waste valuable time noting down the minutes spent on a particular phone call, or returning to the office each evening to perform mundane administrative tasksin order to ensure billing is accurately calculated. For any legal practice which wants to improve their time recording and billing processes without putting even more work onto overstretched legal practitioners, consider the following questions when selecting your next attorney billing software product.

Is the Software User-friendly?

Ideally, attorney billing software should be extremely easy to use, enabling rapid and straight-forward data input which is simple to integrate into daily tasks. Documenting typical tasks should require little time to maximize efficiency. For example, creating a document for a client and billing the total amount of time the document was being worked on should be completely streamlined. Open the client case file, create and save the document, and your billing record should be updated automatically. If you are taking extra steps to find external word pressing software which isn’t integrated with your billing software, then more time is being wasted.

How Accessible is the Billing Software?

Historically, legal software required expensive hardware as well as manual installation and configuration by outside technicians.  Today most software is available online. High level encryption and secure U.S. back-up servers give you confidence that you’re protecting client confidentiality, while also allowing the attorney to access it anywhere there is an Internet connection. This enables attorneys to accurately keep track of their time whether they’re working at home, from their iPhone or even using their laptop on vacation.

What Degree of Integration is There?

When it comes to billing, accuracy and speed are the keys to a successful system. Particularly if clients are constrained by budget or require regular updates on their expenditure. Having a system in place which allows accurate preparation of bills within minutes is vital. Software today enables the entire process, from noting down the time spent on a client through to collation of billing material, invoicing and receiving payments, to be done securely online. This type of process not only saves an enormous amount of time, it also sends a positive message to clients that you operate an efficient and effective business.

There are a number of different attorney billing software products available, but it can be difficult to find one which combines safety, accessibility, simplicity and integration in one product. If you want all these advantages from your software, consider the Online Legal Software system. This offers many benefits to both attorneys and clients, generating accurate billing with minimal effort from legal professionals. As the legal sector becomes increasingly competitive, any software which frees up attorney time whilst still delivering exemplary billing is certainly well worth the initial investment.

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