The Top Mold Remediation in San Jose

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Business

When it comes to your physical health and the health of your loved ones, you don’t want to cut corners. When your home has mold you want a company you can trust so you can get back into your home and your daily routine with as little hassle as possible. Therefore, when dealing with mold, be sure to choose the best rated company for mold remediation in San Jose. However, you don’t only want to go by ratings. Here are some key indicators of a true mold expert.

The First Response

Mold can be a very undetectable substance. If you suspect there is mold in your home don’t wait to call. If you smell a strange odor, feel dampness in the air, or know someone else in your building has had a mold problem, it’s important to get a test done right away. Mold experts will respond within thirty minutes to your call because they understand that mold causes serious health concerns. If you have to wait an hour, call someone else.

If you’re buying a home and looking for a mold inspector, take some time to ask the company how many years they have been in the business, if all of their technicians are licensed, and if they provide written reports. The company should help ease your mind by offering to work directly with your insurance company. If they say you need to handle the insurance paperwork on your own, know that the best teams for mold remediation in San Jose will take care of this for you.

Ask About the Type of Mold

For thorough mold remediation, San Jose technicians should be able to tell you where the mold is and what kind it is. If they seem to be avoiding your questions or are very vague, you may want to consider switching to a company that will provide you proper customer service. Mold causes allergies, sinus infections, coughing, depression, asthma and other serious health concerns. If someone is taking your mold issue lightly then they do not deserve your service.


Unfortunately there are people out there who will work without proper training or licenses. Be sure to ask for their license and if they can’t provide credentials, call the company and ask them to provide it. Mold has been called the asbestos of our time and it is a serious threat to indoor air quality, physical health, and even the health of our pets.

The Final Stages

Once the mold has been cleaned up, the company should automatically do a follow-up mold test to be sure all traces of the fungi are gone. If they try to assure you they got it all and skip this step, be sure to tell them you want to be absolutely sure and will only be satisfied with the follow up mold test as well as a copy and explanation of the full laboratory report.

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