Why You Should Contact Divorce lawyers in Mequon WI

In the state of Wisconsin, a petitioner must meet specific requirements before they are allowed to file for a divorce. Unlike some states, Wisconsin requires that both parties live separately for no less than one year. Both parties must present proof of this separation period first. If you meet these requirements and want to file for a divorce, you should contact Divorce lawyers Mequon WI today.

Identifying the Grounds

The state doesn’t recognize any grounds other than irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Fault-based allegations are not admissible in family court in this state. There are two methods for achieve a divorce under these grounds. Either one or both parties must testify under oath that they have lived apart from each other for one year and that an irretrievable breakdown occurred. However, if only one party has made this claim and the other contests, it is necessary for the petitioner to proceed with a contested divorce.

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders

At any time that either spouse becomes the victim of domestic violence, he or she has the legal right to file for a protection order following the arrest and conviction of their spouse. If the protection order is signed by the judge, he or she can file a claim for a divorce due to violence in the marriage. The protection order outlines all prohibited actions including calling or visiting the victim at any time. It further protects any children involved in these disputes. Any violation of the protection order can result in immediate arrest. If the judge deems it necessary, this order continues after the divorce is final. If you are in danger due to domestic violence, contact Fraker Law Firm S.C. immediately to take action.

Divorce cases in Virginia require the petitioner to pay close attention to the law. These laws may place restrictions on how he or she can proceed through the court. For instance, a longer waiting period may apply if he or she has moved outside of the state. If you need assistance with divorce or child custody issues, you should contact Fraker Law Firm S.C. Today. To know more, visit website.


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