Indications to Acquire Concrete Restoration in Hawaii

The same environmental conditions which make Hawaii an ideal place to live are also responsible for the deterioration to concrete. This deterioration appears in the concrete in several different ways. If caught early enough, repairs are relatively minor. If the problem is ignored, the entire piece may have to be re-poured. These are indications it is time to get the concrete restored.

One sign it is time to acquire Concrete Restoration in Hawaii is cracking. Cracks can appear from several different issues. Ground-shifting is common on Hawaiian soil due to the volcanic activity. Shifting conditions under the concrete will cause it to tear apart. Saltwater from the nearby sea can also penetrate the concrete surface. It gets into the smaller cracks and starts wearing channels throughout the length of the concrete. Frequent rainfall will also cause this issue.

Another sign is destruction is happening is discoloration on the surface of the concrete. Surface discoloration is a sign that liquid has penetrated the surfaces. This can be oil, juice or even water. Discoloration can also happen if organisms have attached themselves to the surface and been removed later on. While discoloration is not an urgent issue, restoration at this juncture will prevent any further discoloration and discourage growth.

Flaking is another sign in which to acquire Concrete Restoration in Hawaii. The problem is usually associated with continued exposure to high level of moisture. Sometimes, this can be the result of impact damage if something heavy is dropped on the surface. This impact can cause weakened parts to break off. The resulting damage can make surfaces uneven and hazardous. This damage will also lead to more issues later down the road since water will pool in the uneven surfaces and weaken these areas even more. Part of restoration will be to restore the surface to enhance its strength.

Despite its strength, concrete damage can occur at any point in its life. Early preventative action will keep the concrete strong for its entire lifespan. This can prevent the costly process of tearing it up and pouring another slab. For more information on the restoration process or to get an evaluation of the damage, contact Structural Systems Inc.

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