Is Your Home Experiencing Foundation Water Problems?

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Foundation

The foundation of a home is its most crucial aspect. If the foundation is not stable, the entire home is in danger. Unfortunately, water can sometimes cause damage to a foundation, leading to leaks in the basement and structural damage. When Foundation Water Problems are present, a homeowner needs to call in a professional technician to find the cause of the water issues so the foundation can be properly repaired and protected.

If a homeowner notices cracks, gaps, crumbling, or flaking in their foundation, it is time to call in the professionals to have it inspected. These are all signs of Foundation Water Problems and should not be ignored. An inspector will come out and fully inspect the inside of the home, at the basement level, to determine what level of damage is occurring. A full inspection of the outside of the home will also be conducted so the right repair strategy can be put in place to save the foundation and prevent further damage to the home.

Homeowners can also determine if they have foundation issues by checking for pooling water around the base of their home. Ideally, water should be swept away from the home if the proper drainage system is in place. If water is pooling around the foundation, this can cause shifts to occur which can lead to serious damage to the home. If a homeowner is experiencing pooling and a wet basement or crawlspace, they need to make sure they have their home inspected to determine what can be done to stop the water damage from occurring.

Homes that have sagging flooring and bowing in the walls and ceilings likely have water damage in their foundation. When water begins to leak in the foundation, it can cause damage to occur to all of the porous structures of the home, including drywall. This is an issue that does not need to be ignored or further problems will develop, leading to greater expense.

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