Safety Tips on Snow Plowing a Parking Lot

Businessmen always think ahead on how to maintain and keep their customers happy. During cold months, as a businessman it is your responsibility to ensure the parking lot is cleared of any buildup of snow. Snow plow drivers are the easiest to use to remove the snow as they are quick and efficient. A parking lot with a lot of snow can push away customers, give your business a negative review and lead to missed productivity opportunities.

Snow plowing companies in Batavia NY take time to prepare for the process to ensure efficiency and safety. The companies follow the following procedure to prepare themselves;

  • Ask a blueprint of the parking lot to understand the location better in terms of where to stack the snow and to come up with other strategies.
  • They inspect the parking area for potential hazards like speed bumps, fire hydrants, medians, holes and obstacles covered by the snow.
  • The experts place reflectors or markers 3 feet from the ground to indicate ditches, boundaries, shut-off valves, medians and other hazardous areas.
  • Talk to the owner about any restriction he may have like on areas he does not want plowed.

With the above information, the company can now strategies on the process, get the right tools and vehicles and begin the job. For safety purposes when plowing, always;

  • Turn on the warning flashers to indicate to customers and employees that you are plowing
  • Ensure that the snow is not pilled close to the handicapped parking spaces
  • First plow the snow that is close to the building away
  • Do not pile the snow at the end of driveways as it can tamper with the driver’s visibility
  • If the parking lot is about 100,00 sq. ft., plow the snow in right angles to the artery

Instead of losing business opportunities, why not contact a reliable snow plowing company in Batavia NY to clear the snow from your parking? Scalia’s Landscape is a reliable company which offers professional services. Contact them today.

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