Storage in New Orleans – Possible Prohibited and Acceptable Items

Access to quality storage unites for both residential and business purposes can be quite beneficial when you simply don’t have room for those items on your own premises. However, there may be some types of items which are not permitted in the storage facility you are using or intend to use. It is a good exercise to take a review of these items.

Hazardous Items

Items which may be classified and hazardous, toxic, combustible or flammable would definitely fall into the category of items likely to be prohibited in a facility for storage. New Orleans storage customers can benefit from knowing what some of these items are. They include: cleaners, explosives, chemicals, fireworks, fertilizers, propane tanks, paint, corrosives, ammunition and weapons. Other common products used which also may be prohibited include: gasoline, acid, grease, motor oil, kerosene, lamp oil and compressed gas. Other dangerous items to avoid storing in a storage facility include biological waste and asbestos.

Perishable Items

Items which are perishable, are not going to be permitted in your storage vault. These items may include food produce, meats, pet food and other food that can spoil or attract critters. Canned foods, however, may be placed in storage. Plants on the other hand should not be placed in storage, as they will often quickly die due to lack of sunlight and water.

Household appliances and equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, generators and space heaters should not be placed in storage for safety reasons.

Medical Items

Medical supplies and pharmaceutical products may be kept in storage. New Orleans companies that offer storage services may accept these items. Medical companies or sales reps of those companies may need storage space for these types of items at times. However, any types of supplies that present a danger to the public, such as radioactive materials will not be permitted in these facilities.

Construction Equipment

Certain types of construction equipment may be applicable for storage in a storage facility, but some type of equipment may not be permitted. You will need to check your New Orleans storage facility to find out their particular storage rules. Always use common sense when planning to store or not store certain items and review the storage company’s policy before doing so.

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