5 Signs That Help in Purchasing Air Conditioning in North Florida

What are the things you look for when you are thinking of purchasing a new electrical item for your home? Most would research and check at least the following things before finalizing the purchase for air conditioning in North Florida.

1) Where would you get a good deal?

When you are looking for a new AC, it pays to research a few retailers and brands. Compare prices for similar capacity AC’s across brands, ask for advice on the AC capacity most suited to your room size or room sizes – if it is a split unit; clarify if there is any pre-install prep work to be done in your home.

2) How easy is the installation process?

Clarify with the retailer if the installation costs are free and included in the cost of the unit or are you liable for an extra fee for the install? Most suppliers tend to include a free installation or it is simply included in the cost of the unit for air conditioning in North Florida.

3) What maintenance services do they offer?

Does the retailer conduct regular maintenance on the equipment after purchase? Clarify if you need to sign up for an AMC or annual maintenance contract, after the warranty period and what the relevant costs to you would be.

4) How easy is the repair process?

In extreme weather an AC breaking down may cause health issues as mechanical things will break down, especially when you least expect them to. Confirm if the retailer has a dedicated and experienced team on hand, who can handle emergency equipment breakdowns.

5) What about warranty and replacement?

Finally, you would want to confirm the warranty period, and any extended warranty at extra cost that may be available, and also the replacement policy for your AC, after purchase.

When you are satisfied with the answers to your questions for air conditioning in North Florida then it can be a positive experience knowing that you have done your bit to ensure you have received a good deal. Contact AirMcCall in Jacksonville for answers to all of the questions and more. They are a family owned and operated HVAC that has been happy serving customers for over 25 years.

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