How to assess roof damage after a storm

After powerful storm hit, most homeowners are faced with severe damage to their residences, especially their roofs.  Hailstorms, thunderstorms, and rain may cause debris to fall on your roofing in Concord, NC and might even tear shingles from the roof.

Follow the right protocol

If you have suspicions that your roof was damaged by a storm, it is critical that the correct protocol is followed for safety and insurance reasons.  First off, check for water damage or leaks by checking your attic for water stains on your walls or ceilings. A roof repair company like Ibarra Moon Contractors can help to restore your roofing materials.

Check for debris

In addition, check the floor around your home for any debris like metal pieces or missing shingles.  It’s a good sign that your roof was damaged and that an expert must be contacted to completely evaluate the situation.  It is crucial that this be done by a roofing company so that the right measures are taken in the instance that an insurance claim must be filed.

Storms lead to structural damage

Also, a storm may lead to cause visible wear to or bruising of the roof shingles alongside damage to striping seals, gutters, and other elements of the roofing system. Depending upon the storm’s severity, your house also might have structural damage. It’s why it is important that you proceed with evaluating all damage with extreme care.

When to call the professionals

If you have damage you’ll have to call your insurance provider and decide how to proceed to file a claim. Keep every receipt for all work done by professionals, as well as yourself to include it in the file that you claim. While this may be a stressful period for homeowners, an expert roofing company will help you with the steps needed toward fixing your damaged roof. To learn more on our Roofing in Concord, NC services, contact Ibarra Moon at (704) 559-9330.

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