Choose Between A Traditional Funeral And Cremation In Scranton, PA

A death in the family can be a difficult thing to process. Not only is that person no longer around for special moments, but many families also struggle through the stress and cost of funerals. Purchasing a plot in a cemetery, the right casket for them to rest in peace in, and organizing the funeral processions themselves can often be distressing for many families. The cost alone for a funeral will usually be several thousand dollars, which can include the services from the funeral home, casket, headstone, and embalming services. This is why many Scranton area residents are turning towards cremation as an alternative for their loved ones, or including it in their own wills as a last request instead of a traditional funeral.

One of the main benefits of cremation in Scranton PA, is the fact that it can allow family members to stay closer to their loved ones even after death. When being cremated, a person’s remains are burnt to ash in a crematory and the crematory remains, or cremains in some places, will be given to the family in a wooden box or urn depending on what they chose. Some families will display these urns in their homes, allowing their loved ones to remain in the home with them forever. There are even some families that like to take small urn capsules that can be purchased online or through funeral homes, and use them to hold a portion of the ashes of a loved one so they always remain close to them. These capsules can be worn as necklaces, charms, or kept in pockets, anywhere that will help them feel closer to the person they lost.

The biggest difference between a traditional funeral and a cremation funeral, is a traditional funeral requires a plot of land for the deceased to be buried in. This plot will require upkeep over the years, including regular maintenance on both the plot and headstone. With cremation in Scranton PA, however, there is no upkeep on a plot or headstone, and the urns used can often last lifetimes if using the right metal or material. Urns can come in metal, ceramic, porcelain, and even modern materials like metal alloys which can withstand the tests of time.

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