Effective Bee Hives Removal In Pittsburgh

If honeybees have built a hive in a tree that is located outside of a business, eliminating the bees and the hive can be achieved by completing the project below. Ones bees have been removed from a piece of property, routine spraying that is performed by a pest control specialist will prevent bees from becoming a nuisance again.


• mesh netting

• protective clothing

• natural pesticide

• long stick or broom

• ladder

• putty knife

Destroying A Colony Of Bees

It is a wise idea to destroy a colony of bees at night because they won’t be as active as they are during the daytime. A piece of mesh netting that is placed over an individual’s head and face will prevent bee stings. Pants, a shirt with long sleeves, boots and gloves should be worn to prevent bees from coming into contact with skin. If a bee hive is out of reach, a ladder will need to be placed next to the tree where a hive is located. Once a ladder is climbed, the nozzle to a natural pesticide product should be pointed towards a hive’s opening. A pesticide may take a while to kill bees. A second application of a product may be needed.

Removing A Honey Bee Hive

Before completing steps for Bee Hives Removal in Pittsburgh, it is a wise idea to inspect the hive and the area around it to determine if all of the bees have been eliminated. Even if it appears that all of the bees are gone, protective clothing and a mesh net should be worn to further protect an individual. A long stick or broom can be used to knock down a bee hive. After completing Bee Hives Removal in Pittsburgh, any residue that remains on a tree can be removed by scraping it off with a putty knife. All of the bee hive parts should be disposed of.

Hiring a licensed pest specialist will help keep a piece of property protected from pests. A pest specialist from The-Beeman or a similar business will treat the inside or outside of a home or residence and can eliminate a variety of pests. More information about pest removal steps can be reviewed when an individual decides to browse the website.

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