Four Things to Avoid Before STD Testing in Cincinnati, OH

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Health

The signs start to appear, and many people panic. Having an STD is scary thing to go through, especially when it is experienced for the first time. Most people are unsure of what to expect during their formal testing and are unsure of what tasks they need to avoid or do before seeing a doctor. There are four things to avoid before receiving STD Testing in Cincinnati OH.

Using the Restroom

In many cases, a urine sample will need to be taken to determine whether or not the patient has an STD and which exact type it is. Patients should avoid using the restroom for at least two hours before their appointment time. This will help ensure the bladder is full enough to get a proper sample for testing.

Applying Creams or Medications to the Affected Area

A swab is typically needed to help determine which precise STD a person may have. Applying any creams or medications to the affected area within 24 hours before the appointment could taint the results. Water and soap should be all that is used prior to an exam to ensure the swab will produce proper results.

Being Intimate

It is best to avoid being intimate with anyone until the results are provided. There is a high chance that the STD could be passed to someone else, so abstaining, for the time being, would be best. Intimacy should not resume until after the doctor gives the order.

Taking Antibiotics

Certain antibiotics may interfere with the test results. It is also not wise to be prescribed another medication to eliminate an STD once it has been detected if there is already an antibiotic being taken. For this reason, it is important to wait at least one week until all antibiotic prescriptions are finished before getting tested.

STD Testing in Cincinnati OH can be a scary process. The nurse who schedules the appointment over the phone should indicate which things patients need to avoid before going in. If they do not, this list should be followed to ensure the best possible results can be found. Most urgent care facilities are able to handle this kind of testing. offers a list of comprehensive medical care services that patients can utilize.

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