How Panel Clips Make Your Life Easier

Do you have a home improvement or construction project for a customer? Wall panels offer many important benefits to the homeowner and business owner. For example, there is no need to finish or paint wallboard or plasterboard because panels will cover everything and look great. However, installing panels can sometimes be a problem, especially when it comes to hanging them. Yet, it doesn’t have to be a problem at all thanks to handy panel clips. Let’s take a closer look at these simple yet very effective tools for the building specialist.

Problems with Hanging Wood Panels

If you are getting ready to hang wall panels, you may need to use screws or some kinds of finishing nails. If so, you must install the nails or screws and they have to be countersunk so you can cover them with wood putty or filler. Next, you must apply some kind of finish (or make sure the filler is the exact same color as the panel).

If you have paneling which requires finishing, covering nail heads may not be too much of an issue. However, it is still a lot of work to fill in, sand and finish over the fasteners. After all, the main reason many people use wood paneling is to cover old walls and new sheetrock and not have to be concerned with cleaning, finishing or painting.

Panel clips solve problems associated with nails or screws. They fit on the back of the panels so you do not see any kinds of fasteners. Hanging your panels is simple and easy as the z clips fit right onto special hanging clips on your wall. You only need to install your clip attachments on the wall and the back of the panels.

Removal Problems

Hopefully, you won’t have to remove your lovely wood panels any time in the future, but what happens when you need to? At some point you may want to remodel or you may have the need to replace a panel that has become damaged. With the old fashion way of installing panels, you must pry the panels loose from the wall. Nails may pull completely through the panel and there is always a chance of damaging the plasterboard underneath.

When you install with panel clips, removal is a very simple process. You only need to grasp the panel and lift if up. It will come out of the track and you can easily remove and replace paneling as often as you like. This strategy also works well for hanging large things on the wall.

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