Marriage Cards Are Treasures

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Wedding Venue

You have dreamed all your life of the day you would become united by fire with a loved one. Annealed as one, you and he will make a life and a family together. Your unity will be eternal, and your blessings will be many. Like many other Hindu girls, you have imagined every detail of the event, from your lavish attire to your celebration with family and friends, but intermingled have always been images of your marriage cards, too.

Include Your Parents

Just as you have always dreamed of the day you would marry, so have your parents. Wanting the very best for you, they have imagined helping you choose the perfect mate, someone to protect you and honor you. Tradition beckoned them to imagine investing in elegant and sumptuous décor and announcements for the union, and they are ready now to help you choose marriage cards that will become legendary within your family.

Prepare for Your Children

Perhaps you will have a very large family, several children to carry on the traditions of your people and to extend your genes into the future. Each of these children would be thrilled to have a keepsake of the day his or her parents showed the world they were united.

Announce Your Joy

While the people who produced you and the family of which you dream are both components of your lifelong plans, you will also want to include your friends. However you and your future spouse have come to make plans for a life together, your friends want to be a part, too. Your beautiful marriage cards are sure to become treasured mementos among them for years to come.

There will be many wonderful days ahead of you and your spouse, the blessed couple, but the day that unites you as one by fire should always be remembered and treated as a beacon of hope. Choose your announcements carefully as this will be the first of your honored heirlooms. For more details Click Here.

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