3 Qualities That Couples Want in Small Wedding Venues in San Diego, CA

Not everyone dreams of a large wedding and reception. If you and you’re intended prefer to keep things intimate and simple, there are a number of small wedding venues in San Diego, CA to consider. The goal is to find the one that has the features that you want. Here are some qualities that must be present.

One has to do with the facility itself. You may be planning an outdoor ceremony, with a small indoor reception to follow. If that’s the case, something like a gondola ride for you and your small party is ideal for the ceremony. Upon the return, you can go indoors and enjoy cake, finger foods, and champagne with your closest loved ones.

Another point to ponder is parking. Even though you don’t have a lot of guests to accommodate, it’s important for them to be able to park as close to the facility as possible. Venues with parking and possibly valet service will fit right into your plans.

Catering is something else to think about. You don’t have plans for anything elaborate, but it would be great if the venue does have options that will fit your event. It’s one more way to keep things simple while still ensuring the celebration is something everyone will remember fondly.

If your event is coming up this year, now is the time to begin visiting small wedding venues in San Diego, CA and reserve the one that’s ideal for your special day. By planning now, you can ensure everything is ready, and you can focus more on spending time with your fiancé.

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