Your Burglar Alarm in Louisville, KY: Tips for Locking Down Business Security

While every businessowner wants to do upgrades on their business, not only to raise the value, but for modern convenience as well, sometimes those upgrades threaten the security of your business. When these threats occur, it’s possible that your burglar alarm in Louisville, KY might be compromised as well. Read on below for a few of the security risks that your business might be suffering from.

Windows on Garage Doors

While the windows at the top of your garage door give your house a cozy, elegant look, they are a benefit to a potential intruder. They extend an open invitation for a burglar to look inside and see what belongings you have. The best option is to replace that garage door with one that doesn’t have windows for safety’s sake. It is also possible to have the windows frosted as well to prevent exposure.

Pet Doors

While it is convenient to have a pet door so that you don’t have to get up constantly to make sure your pet can get outside, it also invites unwanted guests, raccoons and thieves, to come on inside. You can get around this by having a quality door installed by a professional and two way locking latches or electronic pet doors instead.

Leaving Your Valuables in Plain Sight

Having a TV sitting in front of the window or leaving your cell phone, keys, and wallet lying on the table in the foyer is too tempting for many burglars to resist. Some of these things are visible from the street when you have your windows and doors open on a warm spring day. Look inside from the outside to see what is visible from the street and remedy the problem.

For more information on securing your business with a reliable burglar alarm in Louisville, KY, contact the professionals at Sonitrol KY for help!

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