How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing the perfect wedding venue in Lake Geneva may be easier than you think. Planning a wedding can be stressful. One of the biggest decisions that you will have to make for your wedding is where you will celebrate the marriage (hold your reception). There are a lot of venues on the island that are nice but it is your BIG day and you really do not want to settle for nice, you want a little WOW, that sort of narrows down your options a great deal. You do not want to settle on your wedding day. These tips will help you choose the perfect venue:

Tip # 1

Plan ahead! If you want to get the best venue options you have to give yourself some time. The best ones book up fast. If you give yourself enough time out -6 months or more you will have a much better selection to choose from.

Tip # 2

Get your vision together! How do you see your wedding? Get a picture in your head of what you want your guests to see before you start visiting venues.

Tip # 3

Make your appointments to visit venues and food tastings. It is a fun way to spend the day/evening with your soon to be other half. Make sure that you can both be present unless your future spouse has left it all up to you to decide. It is best if you can bring your partner with you, it is a big decision.

Tip # 4

Ask questions! It is okay to be pushy and ask as many questions as you want. You want to feel comfortable in the venue you choose and knowing as much as you need to will make you feel good about your decision.

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