Sour Diesel Cannabis is Wildly Popular in Washington State and Beyond

There are many reasons why Sour Diesel in Washington State is wildly popular. Also known as Sour Deez and Sour D, this potent Sativa strain first came to prominence in the early 1990s. It’s known not only for its distinctive flavor, but also for its fast-acting dreamy, cerebral, and energizing effect. In fact, Sour Diesel could be the perfect, all-around cannabis strain on the planet.

Unlike most popular strains, which originate from West Coast growers, Sour D originated in New York City. This award-winning Sativa strain was a happy accident when a Chemdog 91 female plant was inadvertently pollinated by a male Super Skunk cannabis plant. Allegedly, the name does not come from the distinctive flavor, but from the way it soured drug deals in New York City’s underground cannabis market. Essentially, the strain quickly became very popular, causing dissension among the city’s illicit growers.

Today, legal growers love Sour Diesel in Washington State and beyond. The plants thrive outdoors when grown in a dry climate, making them perfect for growers in Southern California and Nevada. It’s fast to flower too, pushing out buds in less than two months. Typically, Sour Diesel has THC levels between 15% and 25%.

Smoking Sour D is known for its strong aroma and sour, citrusy flavor. More importantly, it is known to bestow a happy and energetic high. It’s reputed to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as depression. If you want a good, all-around cannabis strain, Sour Diesel is a very good choice.

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