Assessing Obstacles: Choosing a Medical Office Space in Coweta County Based on Competition

By removing all other considerations and keeping it to one thing, a decision can be made just a little easier. It’s a strategy that can be used wonderfully for finding the area for a new medical office. It is Coweta County. Now, there are a myriad of factors and obstacles to consider. To make the decision a little easier, one can remove other aspects from the decision. They can focus on one, and see where that leads.

Perhaps the most valuable factor is the level of competition. Competition for a Medical Office Space in Coweta County is palpable due to ingrained loyalty, the dynamics of the medical industry, and small-community comfort. The current competition will truly dictate where an office should be located, and why one particular neighborhood may be not be as vital for long-term success.

Competition A: The Few and the Loyal

Small communities may have a small handful of practices. It may seem easy to make a presence against seemingly thin competition. Yet, a closer inspection shows a very dedicated base of patients. Coweta County has a few neighborhoods that go to a single practice almost entirely. They have loyality. Furthermore, a base of older patients (perhaps on Medicaid) will have little intention of switching at this point in their lives. Everyone within that immediate area (i.e. five square miles) may visit one of two practices. Setting station here may mean attempting to reach further patients, and that could be a losing case.

Competition B: The Urban Sprawl

Of course, some areas of Coweta County are more condensed. A few small practices may have a solid fighting chance to build a following when there are more options. The downtown area presents its own challenges. Higher rent makes monthly margins tighter, and marketing will be a core aspect of this competitive part of the city.

There is a mix of variables to look at. An assessment of competition may hopefully help narrow in on where an office would best be suited. Visit Greison Storage to learn details about the neighborhood. Is it a solid fit in regards to who is there and who they are servicing?

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