Custom Extruded Aluminum: What Can’t They Do With This Flexible Metal?

Aluminum is such a flexible and multipurpose metal that it can be transformed thousands of ways into thousands of forms. Take custom extruded aluminum. Whatever you can dream up, an aluminum manufacturer can find a way to extrude it in aluminum for you. The following are just a few examples of what you can get with a custom extruded aluminum order.

Waved Plates

Imagine taking aluminum and extruding it such that it creates a half-inch thick waved plated with two or more curves in the plate. You can do that with a custom order. You can also cut it into sections after a full large plate with waves or curves has been extruded and cooled. This creates custom parts to fit machines that are too old to find machine parts for, as well as for products that need a very specific shape of aluminum to finish the product.

Hollow Forms

If you have ever seen covered rain gutters, you know they are made of aluminum and are hollow. Take that same principle and apply it to any extruded aluminum form to create more closed or open hollow forms for any purpose imaginable. The forms can be long or short, wide or narrow, bent or straight. If your industrial or commercial business needs a very sturdy hollow form for the purpose of manufacturing something specific, an aluminum metalworking company can help you design it and make it a reality. If you’re not sure how to go about designing a custom extruded aluminum form or product, bring your needs to the company and their team can do it for you.

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