How Do Auto Repair Shops Source Replacement Transmissions?

You got the bad news. You need a new gearbox. Consumers like you have the option between rebuilt or remanufactured transmissions. Once you make your decision, the guys at the shop can order your parts and get started on the work.

Rebuilding a Transmission

Your mechanic removes the defective assembly from the powertrain and strips it down to the bare case. The torque converter, valve body, and planetary gearsets all come out. Old gaskets burned up clutch discs, and other worn components land in the trash. New wear components freshen up the gearbox when the technician reassembles the unit.

The shop orders a rebuild kit that includes all the standard items needed to perform the work. Auto parts wholesalers usually have these rebuild kits available for all major makes and models of vehicles. Domestic brands are the easiest to locate. Compared to brand new units, these kits are smaller and easy to ship. With access to parts, your shop can have your car back up and running in just a few days.

Ordering a Complete Transmission

If you are determined to swap the old assembly out for another, you have some additional choices to make. Do you want a salvaged transmission, new factory unit, or a remanufactured gearbox?

An auto dismantler might have a selection of suitable used transmissions. Your shop must locate a wrecker who has the exact part you need. Certain gearboxes are even interchangeable between makes with only simple modifications required to adapt to your vehicle.

For brand new transmissions, the shop contacts the parts department at a local dealership. The front-line dealers have access to the parts networks of the manufacturer and can locate a transmission ready to be installed.

Remanufactured assemblies are available from vendors who specialize in refurbishing older units. A core exchange is required, but you get a transmission that has been reset to factory specifications and updated to resolve all known engineering flaws.

A replacement arrives by a freight carrier. Problems occurring in the shipping process extend the time your vehicle is out of service. That’s why it’s important to take your car to a repair shop with a developed network of wholesale transmissions and suppliers. These experts know how to get you what you need and minimize the delays. Making an appointment by calling us.

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