Saving Money on Lead Wire Spool Purchases

While lead is not as commonly used today as it was in the past, it is still the ideal material for many applications in the plumbing and roofing industries. The malleable nature of the metal combined with its low melting point makes it an ideal option for lead solder requirements in the plumbing industry as well as other applications calling for a soft solder.

Making a purchase of lead wire spool for a plumbing or roofing company is often a challenge through general metal supply centers or through industrial suppliers. These companies typically do not carry large sizes of spools in their inventory, which means delays in ordering it from the manufacturer.

Order Direct

For any type of industrial application, ordering lead wire spool directly from the manufacturer is often the best way to get the lowest possible pricing. The manufacturers tend to offer lead solder in a variety of sizes from one pound to twenty-five pound spools.
This allows the plumbing or roofing company to customize their order to meet their needs. It is also possible, when ordering directly from the manufacturer, to have custom alloys developed to meet specific requirements.

Order Lead Products Together

For roofing and plumbing, it is also common to need lead bars and lead ingots as well as roof flashings and lead repair caps and collars. By combining the order of lead wire spool with other lead materials, companies can simplify the ordering process and also get the best pricing for larger volume orders. Even with the need for customized alloys, the cost is still much less than ordering through an industrial supplier.

When ordering from the manufacturer, look for a company with multiple shipping and distribution centers. This can dramatically reduce the cost of the order as it lowers freight charges by shipping from the nearest location.

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