Two Potential Benefits of Water Jet Cutting in Auburn WA

There are many ways to cut metals and other materials to appropriate size and shape. Choosing the right means of cutting for a particular project will often deliver benefits of several considerable kinds.

By making use of Water Jet Cutting Auburn WA machine shops like Specialty Metals, for example, can succeed with projects that might otherwise be impossible. As a look at the resources at will reveal, this often proves to be an especially versatile and suitable way to cut metal.

A High-Pressure Jet of Water That Can Slice Through Thick Metal

Just as the name suggests, the Water Jet Cutting in Auburn, WA specialists carry out involves the use of highly pressurized water to cut through metal or another material. In some cases, a water jet cutting machine will also be designed to include an abrasive in the mix to generate even more cutting power. Compared to other common ways of cutting metal, using a water jet will often produce benefits about:

Heat generation

• One common problem when cutting metal with conventional saws or torches is that putting too much heat into the surrounding material can alter its basic nature. Metal heated above a certain point essentially undergoes an additional heat tempering stage beyond those that were employed in its production. As that can make a given alloy brittler or less ductile, it will often be desirable to avoid producing such side effects. Water jets can be used on metal without raising the temperature of the material surrounding the cut whatsoever. In situations where sensitivity to heat is a particular issue, even that point alone can make a water jet the best choice.


• Cutting metal always involves destroying at least some of the material, with the area that formerly joined two pieces giving way and turning into dust or another form of waste. Some cutting techniques are more efficient in this respect than others, however, and that often proves beneficial. Water jets are particularly adept at removing only small amounts of material when making complete cuts.

An Excellent Choice in Many Cases

Advantages like these make water jets appropriate to many jobs where cutting metal will be required. As a result, machines that enable this type of functionality are often found in leading metal fabrication shops.

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