The Three Rs of Puppy Training

A puppy doesn’t just turn into a good dog one day without puppy education. Good dog owners will begin a puppy’s training when they are about six to eight weeks old. When you take your new puppy home, you have to start teaching him what you expect, or he’ll be forming bad habits. Follow the three Rs approach to raising a well-behaved dog.

1 – Reward

Puppy education that includes rewards is an excellent way to get your dog to do what you want. Dogs learn to repeat actions that bring rewards. Although food lure training is effective, balance giving food treats with other types of rewards. You don’t want to increase your dog’s calorie-intake too much, nor do you want to make your dog only comply when he gets food.

2 – Don’t Reprimand

Your puppy won’t understand your anger at something it did. Reprimands don’t work effectively with dogs. Instead, teach your dog alternative behaviors that are what you want. If your dog keeps chewing up your shoes or other items, make sure he has toys that he can chew. Clean up your stuff. Give him plenty of exercise so he isn’t frustrated and bored.

3- Routine

Puppies need routine because it makes them feel secure. It also helps them with potty training, because they will learn that they get to go to the bathroom at set times. Keeping your dog on a routine by waking him up, feeding him, taking him on a walk and playing with him at the same time each day will really help with puppy education.

Doggie daycare can be a great way to keep your puppy on a routine when you can’t be around all day. Your puppy will get to play with other dogs and learn proper behavior in a safe setting.

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