Guide for Buying Harley Panhead Parts

by | May 16, 2017 | Motorcycles Parts and Accessories

The Panhead V-twin was launched into the market back in 1974. It was available in 61 inch and 74 inch versions, says Cycle World. If you’re looking to do a bit of restoration work on your bike, here are a few good pieces of advice when you shop for Harley Davidson panhead parts:

Join groups and forums

You’ll want to read up on how to shop for these parts by joining groups and forums. Sift through the comments or ask where they buy their parts from. That will help you eliminate options while generating useful leads.

Ask around

If you already know someone who’s a Harley enthusiast, ask them for referrals and tips. A lot of bike aficionados will only be too happy to regale you with the details of how they restored or put their bikes together. This should give you solid ideas where to buy your Harley Davidson panhead parts.

Check out the shop

How long has it been since the shop first opened its doors? You could be tempted to go for great warranty offer, but that offer won’t mean a thing if the shop has already closed down for business after a year. Buying your parts from shops that have been around for years is a smart and practical move.

Consider the lineup

Does the shop carry all the parts you need? Or does it only stock a few? You might want to go for shops that have plenty of those parts so you could have them all delivered in one go.

Read the terms and conditions

Don’t move forward with a sale without reading through the shops terms and conditions. What’s their window for returns? Do they have an easy returns process? Do they offer free shipping? How long does it take for them to ship the parts? Be sure to find out before you buy.

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