4 Ways to Shop for a Harley Davidson Windshield Replacement

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Motorcycles Parts and Accessories

Shopping for a Harley Davidson Classic Pre 1984 windshield can be frustrating. Here are a few tips to help you make wise buying decisions to help you and your wallet breathe a little easier:

Do repairs first

If the damage or problems are minor at best, then try doing repairs first. This can provide you with the solution you need and still help you save a lot. If that doesn’t pan out, you can always…

Go for Plexiglas

Repairs are easy with Plexiglas, says Do It Yourself. Have scratches? There’s an easy fix for that. Use a simple plastic polish. Apply that on top of the scratches and those scratches will go away like they never happened. That’s a low-cost way of keeping your windshield clean and clear of any scratches that could compromise your visibility on the road.

Consider impact resistance

Want to protect your windshield from possible road collisions? You could shop around for Harley Davidson Classic Pre 1984 windshield replacements made out of Lexan. The material is highly impact resistant so if you tend to get into these scrapes, you can count on your windshield to hold and not immediately shatter. This also helps protect against road debris. If you’re gunning down the highway and you get rocks coming at your windshield, the material can withstand them easily enough so you won’t have to shell out more money for premature replacements.

Clean properly

Proper maintenance and care are key to keeping your windshield in peak condition. However, be sure to stay away from cleaning solutions that contain ammonia as these will turn your windshield cloudy. Check out manufacturer’s recommendations before you shop for cleaning solutions. The right polishing material will also make a difference. Rough ones could add scratches to your windshield while the right material can leave the surface smooth and scratch-free.

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