Putting a Harley Under the Tree

When it comes to choosing a gift that’s sure to please the Harley lover in your life, turn your attention to aftermarket parts. Harley owners are inveterate tinkerers, and love to alter their ride, and Harley-Davidson’s classic bikes are a restorer’s dream. There’s hardly such an active user base anywhere else in motorcycles and Americana. Harley is the ultimate American brand, and you can give someone you love the best Christmas thrill ever by putting something shiny and chrome under the tree. Whether it’s something for the brand new Street 750 (click it, you know you want to), or that mouthwatering 1948 Panhead (not responsible for the consequences if you click), you will find something in aftermarket parts for every lover of Milwaukee steel.

Get Legit

However, it’s an unfortunate truth that there are some unscrupulous dealers out there who are selling counterfeit parts. These are generally cheap and not well made when you stick them side by side with parts from legitimate dealers. From belt buckles to V-Twins, you should work only with legitimate dealers with an actual physical store; not a booth at a swap meet and not some faceless internet outlet. The dealers you’re looking for have years of experience and a solid reputation as a legitimate source of honest aftermarket motorcycle parts. Don’t risk your cash on anyone else.

From Frame to Freeway

There are a number of bikes out there that are little more than the frame. It generally comes clean and ready for gas tanks, an engine, exhaust, and other parts. Bring one of these home and put it under the tree, then share the fun of putting it together as a family or as a couple. You won’t regret your Harley and all the new horizon’s you’ll see as the years go by.f

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