Reaching Those Who Need it Most – Social Media Marketing for Addiction Treatment Services


Marketing for medical and addiction treatment services can be a tricky proposition. On one hand, these can be sensitive issues that should be treated with tact and discretion. However, some of the people who need these services the most also move in places where marketing is one of the most effective ways of communicating. One prime example of this is the presence of those aged fifteen to twenty-five on social media.

Social Networks – It’s Where the Consumers Are

Now more than ever, people are online. With around two billion people worldwide using Facebook regularly and many millions using sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and other sites, it only makes sense to reach out to nearly any target demographic by determining where they are on the internet. In the instance of addiction treatment social media marketing, providers and the marketing services they employ are looking to reach primarily teens and young adults.

It may seem strange for addiction treatment services to market directly to potential clients, but in today’s world it makes perfect sense. People are more aware of what they buy and what businesses and service providers they patronize than ever before, and one common practice when seeking medical treatment or counsel is researching you provider or facility online first. For this reason, taking information directly to potential consumers helps better connect patients with providers.

Bridging the Gap

Bringing patients looking for addiction recovery services and qualified providers together is only the first step in the treatment process, but it is certainly the most important one. Just as a patient with any life-threatening condition cannot hope to improve their health without making the first move to get medical help, so can addicts not hope to recover without finding access to professional assistance. Providing an outlet for these people to do this from the comfort of sites that they already regularly access is just one way today’s providers are reaching out to bridge the gap between themselves and the patients who need them most.

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