Decorate Your Photo Booth With These Amazing Backdrops!

So you’ve decided to add a photo booth to your upcoming party. We’re sure this wonderful addition will make your party a blast. However, you can’t take full advantage of such a great attraction without customizing it specifically for your party. There are numerous ways to do this. If you’re at a loss for ideas, here’s a guide to some of the most popular and festive backdrop ideas for photo booths.

Weather-Based Backdrops

If your party is set at a specific time of year, you can always request a backdrop themed after the season. Imagine a Christmas party with photo booths swathed in snow and glimmering icicles, your guests posing in their finest winter wear. Alternatively, in spring you can request flowery photo booths complete with props for your guests to pose with.

Fantastic Settings

If you’re having a glamour- or period-themed party, you can also request photo booths with backdrop sets catering specifically to that theme. For instance, a 1920s-themed photo booth could feature a backdrop in the style of a grand, well-lit staircase, or the inside of a speakeasy. The possibilities are only as limited by your imagination!

At the Dining Table

If you have an extra table to spare, you can have it set up as a mock dinner table—since this is where guests tend to have the most fun! For best results, you’ll want to be sure to add some props for your guests to have fun with.

Behind the Picture Frame

Since you’re setting up photo booths, you want to be sure your guests have as much fun with them as possible. What could be more fun than an oversized photo frame for your guests to play around with as they take photos? This particular prop or backdrop can easily bring out your guests’ creativity and look as elegant as it is fun!

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