Renting a Party Photo Booth? 4 Questions to Ask

Brides says one of the things you’ll want to ask when you plan your wedding and start looking for vendors is: do you offer a party photo booth? Here are a few things you’ll want to look for before you choose one for your reception:

Is the venue right for it?

Some photo booths might very well fit into your venue but some might be bigger than standard and might eat up more space. You’ll want to check with the rental company to sort this out. Be sure to provide dimensions of the space to your rental contacts. Taking them to the venue so they could check it out for themselves or showing photographs that make it easy for them to determine the height and width of the area should help.

Does it match your event?

Does the booth work well with your décor and event? Since you’re planning a wedding, ask if you or your wedding decorator can add a few touches to ensure those photo booths won’t end up looking out of place.

Does it come with props?

Some firms offer a party photo booth that come with props. However, the better question might be: will those props work for your event? If they do, then great. If they don’t, you might need to take care of the props on your end. Talk to the rental firm to know more.

What’s the quality and size of the photos?

Of course you want high definition photos for your event, ones your guests can save as fond keepsakes. Make sure that’s the quality you can expect from the booth rental. You don’t want the photos to be too small or big either so talk to them to determine the best size or package for your needs and budget.

For more questions, ask. Contact Photo Booth Rentals By ISH Events at 888-340-9190. You can follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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