Electronic Descaling: an Alternative to Water Softeners

The effects of hard water are deleterious to a building and its plumbing. If mineral material is building up in your plumbing system, it is time to take action. Important to the decision to remediate water are sustainability and cost. Traditional water softener systems release expensive chemicals and salts into wastewater. Electronic descaling offers an alternative to water softeners.

Electronic Descaling is the Solution

Lime scale resulting from the ionic effect is a deleterious corrosion of a plumbing system can be solved with electronic descaling.  If metal ion density in water is producing electrolyte contact between ions, ruin of hot water storage or other equipment from galvanic corrosion is likely. Conversion of metal ions by way of a descaling system alters tap water conditions.

The Remediation Process

Hard water resulting from an imbalance in salinity is caused by total dissolved solids. Metals in water constitute the biggest challenge to water ionization. If tap water is hard, it is likely the result of calcium carbonate and other minerals undergoing ionic cohesion at the molecular level.

Electronic descaling systems are an increasingly popular alternative to water softeners. Descaling interferes with the ionization process, remediating metal adhesion to other mineral molecules and surfaces. The optimal process for mitigating hard water at its source; descaling eliminates lime scale calcification with electro-magnetic conversion so that metal ions only adhere to water rather than pipes or fixtures.

Benefits of Water Remediation

Calcification, corrosion, and galvanization of pipes and fixtures signal that tap water is hard. Spotted dishes or the inability to remove soap scum from bath and kitchen basins are secondary indicators that there is lime scale accumulation in a building’s pipes. Energy inefficiencies leading to more expensive utility bills may also be the result of blocked water flows to water heaters. Remediation of water and elimination of detrimental lime scaling from plumbing pipes and equipment is the solution to the problem.

Change Tap Water Conditions

Conventional water softener systems use expensive inputs. Electronic descaling is most recommended, alternative to water softeners. A sustainable technology for inversion of metal ionization in water, water descaling systems eliminate the hassle of outdated solutions. More plumbers recommend use descaling to combat the detrimental effect of metal density in water on plumbing and fixtures than any other technology on the market.

Remediate water at its source. Descaling is the ultimate solution to mitigating the harmful effects of hard tap water. More efficient and effective than traditional methods of softening water, electronic descaling systems are more affordable and zero maintenance once installed. Invest in the right technology, and eliminate the detrimental effects of lime scale accumulation by changing the conditions of tap water indefinitely.

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