The Beginner’s Guide to Swimming Pool Ionization

There are numerous methods on the market that can be used to maintain a sparkling-clean pool. Each works differently and has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you’re interested in learning more about how swimming pool ionization works, this guide’s for you.

What it Kills

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Algae

How it Works

Water flows through the system and receives an electrical pulse. This changes its structure at molecular level and, with the MineralPURE system, sends it back to the pool with traces of copper and silver. The newly charged ions remain in the pool until they bond with algae or bacteria. Then, they’re removed by the pool’s filter along with any other solids.

What Makes it Different

Swimming pool ionization is unique because it rids the water of things that can make you sick without the unpleasant side-effects that chemicals like chlorine have. Moreover, it provides broad-spectrum protection, unlike other systems that only defend against one or two elements. It also doesn’t break down like a chemical process will. For instance, chlorine will lose effectiveness when exposed to sunlight. In this case, the ions will stay in the water until they’re used. It’s also better for the environment than chlorine and other chemicals are. It’s even safer than some chemical-free alternatives.

How to Convert and Components Involved

The system will work with either a new pool or alongside existing equipment. A control box and electrode chamber are spliced in with the pool’s pump, filter and timer setup. The electrodes will require occasional replacement and the water will need to be tested regularly to ensure ideal ion levels. Overall, maintenance costs and time involved in upkeep are reduced.


The concept behind the process is as old as Ancient Rome and Egypt. It’s been trusted to provide sanitization for thousands of years across the globe. The technology was even used by NASA to deliver sanitary drinking water during the Apollo missions. Cities have begun switching to this style of water sanitization for their public pools because of the reduced costs, environmental benefits and health advantages.

Overall, swimming pool ionization delivers reliably clear and clean water. As the general public has become more aware of the health concerns associated with chlorine and other harsh chemicals, they’ve begun to seek out better methods for pool sanitization. Because this method is healthier for skin, hair, eyes, lungs and more, it’s rapidly begun picking up steam. Additionally, some municipalities have started placing restrictions on home pools in regard to how they can be maintained and drained. This delivers an eco-friendly option that’s well-received by cities and citizens alike. It also has a proven record of being both safe and effective, which is reassuring to those ready for a change.

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