Fairfax VA’s Best Security Guard Services Can Work for Your Business

Fairfax VA’s Best Security Guard Services use the latest technology combined with highly trained personnel to keep your home and your business safe around the clock. Their surveillance services offer recorded footage and streaming video, license plate recognition, path tracking and people counting, retail transaction overlay and aerial or in-vehicle views. They can install all new equipment if your prefer, or they can interface with your existing video surveillance equipment. This makes switching your video surveillance company convenient and affordable. Cameras can be added to the system at any time, so expanding your surveillance capabilities is possible later if you wish to start off with a specific area and go wider later.

Equipment is important, but will not completely protect you or your property. At the first sign of an incident, a security patrol team is dispatched to your location. You have many response and patrol options available to you to ensure your needs are met. Security officers are available for residential properties, commercial sites, industrial sites, and events just to name a few examples. You can utilize services 24/7, long term, short term or for emergency situations. Officers are highly trained, certified, licensed and fully insured. A low employee turnover rate (4% annually) means you benefit from their experience and many officers have been with the company for 10 plus years. You cannot buy, teach or substitute experience of that calibre. You can find it at Fairfax VA’s Best Security Guard Services.

Services include armed and unarmed officers, uniformed presence or plain clothed officers, and patrol services of any frequency depending on your needs and comfort level. A free consultation is available and will help determine what your needs may be and how services can be effectively delivered. A representative will come to your office or job site and discuss any concerns or questions you have. He/she will look around and assess needs and possible gaps in your current security systems. From that point, you can work together to develop a program that is specific to your business, your store, your property or your work site. You will be glad you and your employees are covered and you can focus on your business while security services focuses on protection.

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