Benefits Offered by Electropolishing

There are a number of benefits offered by the electropolishing process. One of the biggest advantages is the enhanced physical appearance that this process provides. There are no fine, directional lines created from the abrasive polishing process. Also, once completed, it creates superior light reflection and clarity. The smooth, bright polish and uniform luster of the shaped parts make this process better than most of the other options available.

However, there are also a number of other benefits offered by the electropolishing process, which are found here.

Enhanced Mechanical Properties

In addition to better visual appeal, there are a number of other benefits offered. Some of these enhanced mechanical properties include:

 * The surface can retain the properties and grain structure of the actual bulk metal.
 * Minimized surface drag and friction.
 * No reduction in fatigue strength.
 * Minimizes galling of the threads on carbon steel, stainless and other types of alloys.
 * Surface stress-relief.
 * Increased duty cycles and production for process equipment.

Increased Corrosion Protection

Electropolishing works to yield maximum corrosion and tarnish resistance in a number of alloys and metals. Stainless steel contains both non-metallic and metallic inclusions, which are not able to be avoided during the actual manufacturing process. The mechanical polishing will not only fail to remove the inclusions, but also may tend to move them further into the item’s surface and even increase them by picking up additional abrasive materials. Eventually, these inclusions can become a point of corrosion.

Easier to Clean

When electropolishing is used it will significantly reduce the product contamination and the adhesion that occurs. It will also reduce the cleaning time, allowing the surfaces to be hydroblasted in a less amount of time and with the need for less pressure. There are some companies that have reported that this particular process has reduced their cleaning time of certain elements by as much as 50 percent. Also, the electropolishing process will improve the sterilization and the hygienically clean surfaces for beverages, drugs and food.

In addition to the benefits here, the electropolishing process will deburr as it works to polish the component. It also allows the effects to reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible by the other methods that are commonly used. This is highly beneficial and much more effective than the other, more traditional methods that are used. Taking the time to learn about this method will help ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results that are achieved.

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