Services Provided By An E-Learning Company

If you are like many, you have heard of e-learning companies and may wonder about the services they offer. While they probably give software that is pre-made or customisable options, you may wonder if that is all the company does. In most cases, you’ll find that you get custom options that make it easier to go about changing and adding content.


The customisation factor is key for most of these companies because they understand that the consumer will need to change it up to make it fit their needs. They should offer an easy way to do this.


Whether you are going to be rapidly changing the content every day or once a year, you need it to be something simple that you can do quickly and easily. Most people don’t have IT professionals to help them, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do it themselves with a little help and a walkthrough guide.

Instructor-Led Training

While most people will want something that can be done alone, there may be times where you want instructor-led training. If so, the e-learning company you choose should offer those services, which can help you train others quickly and interactively.


The biggest problem most companies face is that users won’t just be on a desktop or laptop computer. Tablets, smartphones, iPhones and everything else should be able to use the same LMS because your employees or students will be using a multitude of devices.


In most cases, everyone will speak English, so you won’t have to worry about localisation too much. However, you may have international students or foreign employees, so you may need language or translation services available so that those people can still learn with your LMS.

Library of Courses

You may also find that the company you choose offers a library of courses that are in their database. Your students can still use them, which can help them with soft skills. It may be helpful to check with them about these options if it is something your employees/students can use.


While game-based learning is usually best for younger children, adults can also find the humour in playing games and still learning. It won’t feel like learning if they’re playing games, so consider game-based options.


Of course, every e-learning company should offer support and guidance. If they don’t seem willing to help you when you’re considering them, go somewhere else.

Services provided by an e-learning company can vary, but all should support their software, offer advice and be able to customise their product to your needs.

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