Anti Corrosion Coating – Industry Applications and Benefits

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Plating and Metal Finishing

Corrosion is something that companies in the manufacturing and construction industries have to address on a routine basis. The companies that operate in these types of industries must have effective solutions on hand in order to minimize problems of corrosion. The length of the service life of machines, equipment and associated components depends on how well corrosion is addressed. Anti corrosion coating products and solutions are necessary in order to help companies preserve the operation of their equipment for as long as possible and also save on extensive repair or replacement costs in the long run.

Industry Applications

Although various types of industries can benefit from the application of corrosion mitigating products, one industry sector that can benefit in particular is laboratory and diagnostics companies. Many times, the services rendered and diagnostics laboratory settings can produce corrosive conditions due to the application of chemicals and/or water that are routinely in contact with equipment parts. Anti corrosion coating products can certainly mitigate these conditions.

A range of additional industries can utilize coating products that mitigate corrosion on machinery and equipment. These industries include aerospace, food processing, commercial baking, local government municipalities, and others.

These coatings can also be used in applications that include electrostatic, hot flocking, and fluidized bed scenarios. When you seek to hire a company to handle your anti corrosion coating requirements, consider a company that stays current with the latest in corrosion resistant technology and is able to deliver the best solutions to help you maintain your production processes and operational efficiency at the highest level.

Specific Products

There are certain specific anti corrosion products that have particular characteristics and offer unique capabilities. These include: KF Polymer, Nylon 11, Rislan ®, Halar, and Plastcoat.

The Benefits

Corrosion can occur due to a range of factors including oxidation, ultraviolet rays, wear and tear, and routine exposure to moisture. When one or more of these factors is applied to a metal over time, that metal can degrade, causing problems with equipment machine parts and components. The effects of these abrasive activities can be greatly minimized through the use of anti corrosion coatings. The service life of equipment and machinery can be extended when these coating products are properly applied.

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