Baldor Electric Motors: Industrial Brake Motors

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Industrial Supplier

In Texas, companies can always rely on ABB Baldor to provide them with what they need to operate optimally. Baldor electric motors offer them the durability and reliability they need to make certain their compressors, conveyors and other power equipment function smoothly. To meet the demands of their customers, Baldor produces both AC and DC motors. They manufacture diverse models. Among the electric motors currently available are industrial brake models.

What Is an Industrial Brake Motor?

Industrial brake motors are a precision AC motor they are a more efficient replacement for a more traditional system – the mechanical brake-and-air-supply system. Their purpose is to provide brake control. The motor will ensure a constant tension on coil unwinding machinery. This is essential if the laminated material is to emerge without wrinkles. It is also crucial in preventing disparities in print registration and the uneven application of glue as well as the elongating of film and inaccurate drawing of wire.

Brake motors are usually available in one of two designs:

1. Completely enclosed – fan-cooled or non-vented

2. Open

Baldor manufactures the Baldor-Reliance D-series (enclosed only) as well as the Super E Washdown duty brakes series.

Both models of brake motors feature characteristics, which make the Baldor electric motor respected by many Texas firms:

* High durability

* Signature quality

* Reliability

* Energy efficiency

* Low maintenance

* Cost-effective

* Smooth torque transitions

Baldor industrial brake motors find applications in unit and baggage handling, e.g., conveyors, as well as in the food and beverage industries.

Why Choose Baldor Electric Motors?

In Texas, Baldor remains a favorite source of mechanical power transmission equipment of many companies. Their arguments for this stance are sound. It remains valid whether your company intends to purchase a 3-phased general purpose or industrial brake motor. When it comes to combining high-quality with reliability and affordability, it is hard to beat a Baldor electric motor.

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