SALA Harness Fall Protection System – Keeping Workers Safe

Construction and industrial workers who operate at elevated heights are required to use fall protection equipment to ensure their safety and the safety of others. Various situations require the use of this safety equipment. SALA harness fall protection equipment can enable workers in various industries to conduct their operations with confidence and security. There are a range of industries that utilize this type of equipment. They include oil rigging, warehousing applications, and construction.

Devices used within one of these protection systems allow workers to raise and lower their positions with efficiency and safety. When emergency situations occur, these systems are vital to extricating and rescuing individuals from precarious and highly dangerous situations.

Effective Fall Protection Systems

A SALA harness fall protection system includes a harness in addition to a number of other safety features to help keep workers safe as they work and traverse at elevated heights. Key elements of these systems include:

Supportive and Comfortable Body Wear

Worn over the body, these devices allow an even distribution of the load, maximizing comfort and safety for the worker

Anchor Points

Attached to fall arrest systems, these anchor point positions are vital for the overall safety of individuals working at elevated heights. These anchors can include cable chokers and roof anchors.

Rescue Devices for Descents

When a worker has fallen, these rescue devices enable the individual wearing the device to arrive at the location of the person who has fallen.


Something must absorb the shock of the fall when it occurs. Connectors fulfill this purpose. They link the anchor point to the harness.

Regardless of how high off the ground the worker is carrying out his or her activities, these SALA harness fall protection devices are required in vital for workers to use in order to maximize safety.

Keeping Workers Safe

The protection of human life is the major reason for using fall protection systems. If an individual falls from an elevated height, not only do they face critical danger but others do as well. These systems are vital to prevent serious injuries in the worst-case scenario of death. It is absolutely incumbent upon those who use and implement these systems to do so according to all applicable code requirements and safety standards.

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