Why Make The Choice Of Rexnord Bearings In Texas

by | May 23, 2019 | Industrial Supplier

Industrial companies and OEMs throughout the state of Texas have a wide range of choices when it comes to the brands and options available on the market. Despite all the options and the difference in costs, top companies tend to choose the top brands in parts and components.

When it comes to industrial bearings of all types, Texas companies choose Rexnord bearings. Not only is this an internationally recognized brand, but it is a brand that offers a proven track record for products that are used across industries and in even the most challenging of working conditions.

Options to Consider

Within the general category of Rexnord bearings, there are multiple options to consider. These bearings come in both standard and industry-specific sizes and configurations, allowing easy use in new equipment, or system construction or to replace existing bearings on older systems.
There are several different styles or designs of bearings offered by Rexnord. Some common options used across standard to heavy-duty types of applications include:

• Ball bearings – designed to fit on all standard sizes of shafts and mounting styles, these are extremely versatile. They come in many different housing units from hangers through to pillow blocks or flange blocks.

• Sleeve bearings – with different options, including both rigid and Flex-Block, and offering a variety of bearing surfaces, housing ends and either split or solid housings, there are a commonly used bearing in many applications.

• Cylindrical roller bearings – compact and streamlined, these types of Rexnord bearings are available with inner ring and roller assemblies, outer ring and roller assemblies or as unmounted bearings. Rexnord also provides both inner and outer rings.

Available in standard and custom sizes and configurations, all Rexnord products are known for long duty cycles and trouble-free operation.

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