An Efficient Way to Obtain Surveillance and Security at Your Business

Currently, it’s necessary for a business owner to have a CCTV camera in and around their company because of the rapid rise in the cases of vandalism, burglary, trespassing, and etc. With high-quality surveillance in Louisville KY installed at your residence, you are able to monitor any activities which take place during your absence. CCTV stands for closed circuit television. CCTV is a type of video monitoring system based on strategically placed video cameras, which will capture local footage that can be viewed in real-time or to a video recorder for future viewing. CCTV camera system is an efficient way to obtain surveillance and security at your facility. If you’re looking for a superior security system such as CCTV in Louisville KY, you need to turn to Sonitrol KY for their high-quality security solutions.

CCTV System is an Effective Solution

Protecting your employees and business a state-of-the-art security system is your main priority. That’s why choosing a CCTV system in Louisville KY is a smart decision. A reputable security company that provides top-notch security systems gives you peace of mind. The CCTV systems are weather-proof and of the cutting-edge technology as well as an effective solution. CCTV cameras have exceptional quality features which include full 1080p complete with infra-red LEDS, which allows you to record at night. With a CCTV system you’re able to view the camera via your mobile phone. The cameras offer high-quality DVR which will record up to 4 weeks. The camera can record 12 frames per second, continuously for 24/7. With the different packages the expert technicians offer, you’re able to find a system that meets your specific needs.

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