Apartments Near the University Campus Appeal to Nontraditional Students

About 40 percent of men and women attending colleges and universities now are classified as nontraditional, according to the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. That’s a significant change from the historically strong trend for students to enroll immediately after high school, attend full-time and remain unmarried through these years. The older individuals who begin school later or return after a break typically are interested in student apartments in Chapel Hill, NC, rather than living on campus.


Nontraditional students may have been living on their own for several years or they might have been residing with their parents while working and saving money for college. Some have been honorably discharged from a branch of the military and are ready to begin their studies on the GI Bill. A married person may decide at some point that he or she wants to pursue a degree. All of these men and women might be very interested in student apartments in Chapel Hill, NC, that are relatively close to campus.


Some nontraditional students appreciate living in a residence hall so they can have a lifestyle that doesn’t require any cooking and very little housekeeping. Others, though, realize they’d feel too confined in such a small space. They enjoy preparing meals and having a living area separate from the sleeping space. Even in studio apartments that include the entire apartment except for the bathroom in one large room, there are creative ways to deal with the situation that aren’t possible in a standard-sized dorm room.

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