Recommendations a Physician in Jacksonville Could Make for Spine Pain

It can be frustrating trying to figure out what is causing your chronic spine pain in Jacksonville. It is critical for you to get the appropriate diagnosis and medical care if you do not know why you have spine pain and if you have been dealing with it for several days or weeks.

There are various treatment options that professionals will use to address chronic spine pain in Jacksonville. The treatment will depend on what is causing the pain. For example, physical therapy may be recommended. You will be guided by your doctor and a spine physical therapist. Your physical therapist may help retrain your posture, teach you how to stretch appropriately, test the limits of your pain tolerance, and you learn how to do aerobic exercises. The goal will be to strengthen your core, which will help your back.

They may also make suggestions on how you can improve your diet to address your spine issues. For example, they may recommend that you avoid foods that are highly inflammatory. Highly inflammatory foods could be contributing to your pain. Also, they will help you get to a healthy weight, which will reduce pressure on the spine.

Lifestyle modifications may also be recommended. A physician will teach you how to accept your limitations and adapt to your new circumstances. For example, they may encourage you to take more breaks when engaging in physical activity.


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